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Lowongan Kerja di PT Adaro, Closing Date 28 Februari 2018

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Crossborder Tax Transaction Supervisor

Job Information

  • MPRF Code : –
  • Work Location : DKI Jakarta
  • Available Position : 1
  • Employment Status : Permanent
  • Minimum Year of Experience : 3 Year(s)

Job Responsibilities

  • Analyze the calculation of corporate tax liability in relation to transfer pricing and compile transfer pricing documentation, and provide recommendations on emerging issues to minimize the risk of transfer pricing within the Adaro Group.
  • Analyze affiliate transactions, taking into account the objectives of the project that is associated with the risk of transfer pricing that might arise, in order to obtain risk mapping that can be used as a recommendation material to the Business Unit within the Adaro Group.
  • Conduct a transfer pricing analysis requested by Business Unit based on data and / or information provided with regard to the interests of Adaro Group and in accordance with applicable tax laws, in order to provide appropriate and accurate recommendations.
  • Analyze affiliate transaction method listed in the Income Transaction Form of the Corporate Income Tax Assessment so that a recommendation of the most suitable method that is appropriate for the affiliated transaction can be made.
  • Prepare and conduct analysis that is related to transfer pricing documentation to ensure the documentation is in accordance with the applicable tax regulations so that the report of transfer pricing documentation can be done accurately and on time.
  • Support and prepare data and documents required by the DJP and IRAS (Inland Authority of Singapore) for APA (Advance Price Agreement), and it is expected that the APA agreement can be approved and prepare APA annual compliance report so that the fulfillment of obligations Bilateral Advance Pricing Agreement application can be done accurately and on time.
  • Always be updated and informed about tax evolves in both transfer pricing and others, as well as taking into account cases and / or issues to be discussed as a subject of relevance to the Adaro Group.
  • Accompany and prepare required data that was questioned during the tax audit conducted by the DJP in relation to affiliate transactions in order to reduce the findings of transfer pricing issues at each annual audit by the DJP.

Job Requirements

  • Bachelor Degree from Fiscal/Taxation/Accounting
  • Have 3 years experience as Transfer Pricing, preferably from Public Tax Firm
  • Have strong competencies in transfer Pricing Method & Analysis, Transfer Pricing Documentation, Tax Policy & Procedures, Tax Regulation, and Financial Analysis.
  • Have certification in Brevet A & B and Transfer Pricing
  • Fluent in English is a must


Source : Lowongan kerja di PT Adaro, Bagian Crossborder Tax Transaction Supervisor



Job Information

  • MPRF Code  : –
  • Work Location  : DKI Jakarta
  • Available Position : 2
  • Employment Status : Permanent
  • Minimum Year of Experience : 2 Year(s)

Job Responsibilities

  • Implement the internal audit process in accordance with the plans that have been prepared by superiors.
  • Running the company’s internal audit process both technically and financially sustainable and operationally.
  • Coordinate preparedness auditee / departments in preparing the completeness of the report to be audited as well as an audit of the report.
  • Formulate and provide input troubleshooting audit findings by analyzing precise and accurate.
  • Monitor and evaluate the results of internal audits and coordinate with employers in preparing the proposed solutions for the findings.
  • Coordinate with external audit institutions required for the smooth audit firm.

Job Requirements

  • S1 majoring Accounting, Industrial Engineering, Mining Engineering from leading universities in Indonesia with min. GPA 3:00
  • Have min 2 years experience as Auditor, preferably from Public Accounting Firm
  • Fresh graduate are welcome to apply
  • Having knowledge of the auditor and mining activities.
  • Have interpersonal skills.
  • Having the ability Writing & Reporting skill.


Source : Lowongan kerja di PT Adaro, Bagian Auditor



Finance & Accounting Project Officer

Job Information

  • MPRF Code :               –
  • Work Location : DKI Jakarta
  • Available Position : 2
  • Employment Status : Permanent
  • Minimum Year of Experience : 1 Year(s)

Job Responsibilities

  • Prepare and analyze financial data and information required by superiors and prepare the initial template of financial modeling related to the project to be run by the company in order to support the achievement of the company’s project.
  • Gathering background information, business flow, related parties, and identifying important assumptions in both general assumptions and specific assumptions as well as comparative data required in project analysis as a basis for making financial models.
  • Prepare paper work in the form of financial modeling of the project in accordance with the needs of the project to be analyzed. As an initial template financial model.
  • Prepare company data and information (eg, financial, operations, and other required information) on a regular and timely basis and coordinate it as an update related to company performance to shareholders.
  • Coordinate with department of Budgeting & Reporting and other related departments to collect data and information related to company performance needed in preparation of material to be presented by Finance Director to Lenders.
  • Prepare presentation materials and company performance reports to be reviewed by supervisor before presented by Finance Director to Lenders as a form of corporate responsibility.

Job Requirements

  • Bachelor Degree in Accounting with min GPA 3.00
  • Have at least 2 years experience as Finance / Accounting / Business Analyst
  • Strong competencies in Financial Analysis, Business Process, and Financial Modelling
  • Detail oriented and have good communication skill
  • Good command in English, both oral and written


Source : Lowongan kerja di PT Adaro, Bagian Finance & Accounting Project Officer


Logistic Planner

Job Information

MPRF Code        :               –

Work Location   : DKI Jakarta

Available Position   : 2

Employment Status  : Permanent

Minimum Year of Experience     : 0 Year(s)

Job Responsibilities

  • Make fleet capacity planning (barging and floating crane) and to monitor the implementation of the planned schedule in order to support the activities Logistic optimal and effective for the company and group companies.
  • Creating a planning schedule fleet capacity (including: loading plan Kelanis plan unloading Taboneo, allocation floating crane to the vessel, the allocation barge to the floating crane, the allocation of contractors to these destinations, etc.), daily and weekly basis.
  • Monitor and control the movement of the whole fleet and field constraints are there to ensure the movement of the fleet goes according to the plan that has been made.
  • Creating a simulation of the operational and financial impact in case of occurrence in the field that caused the deviation with planning to be given to the employer as material for decision making.
  • Evaluate any information existing operations and make corrections (by manual / guideline plans available) of all deviations from the plans that have been determined to ensure the fleet schedule (barging and floating crane) is well run.
  • Using existing planning tools, while providing an improvement over the idea of ??planning tools used to ensure the updated its planning tools in accordance with developments / changes in the condition of the supply chain.
  • Prepare reports on performance (ex: contractor performance reports, KPI reports) periodically, as a learning material and to determine the trend of supply chain conditions.
  • Coordinate intensively with related field PIC (port captain Kelanis, port captain Taboneo, port captain barging, pic barging contractors, etc.), For any actual existing conditions to ensure the preservation of the implementation schedule has been arranged.

Job Requirements

  • Min Bachelor Degree in Industrial Engineering
  • Fresh graduate are welcome to apply
  • Have good knowledge in Planning & Control and Water Supply Chain Management
  • Good communication skill and analytical thinking
  • Self motivated and able to work independently
  • Willing to work on Shift Schedule


Source : Lowongan kerja di PT Adaro, Bagian Logistic Planner



Power Trading Staff

Job Information

  • MPRF Code  : 59/TPI/OM/12-2017
  • Work Location  : Kalimantan Selatan
  • Available Position : 1
  • Employment Status : Permanent
  • Minimum Year of Experience : 3 Year(s)

Job Responsibilities

Responsible to electricity trading and power supply related work, conrdination with PLN work, Handling fault occurrence work, Emergency reporting and recovery system, Development start/stop management work, Performance management tasks cordination with performance staff.

  • To apply the safety rules and procedures in Company in accordance with the quality management in the Company to support the safety and smooth operation of Power Plant.
  • To monitor and guide all required activities for Performance management task work.
  • To manage Electricity trading and power supply related work and plant start/stop management work for Power Plant operation.
  • To make report, work order, and record the usage of the material(fuel, limestone, sand) in conducting the work to support the continuity of operational and maintenance of Power Plant.

 Job Requirements

  • Minimum Diploma Degree (D3) graduate majoring in Mechanical or Electrical Engineering
  • Minimum 3 years of experience in the same position from power plant or manufacturing
  • Good command in English both verbal and written
  • Good communication skill
  • Willing to be located at Tanjung – Tabalong, South Kalimantan

Source : Lowongan kerja di PT Adaro, Bagian Power Trading Staff


Operation Department Head

Job Information

  • MPRF Code  :               –
  • Work Location  : Kalimantan Selatan
  • Available Position : 1
  • Employment Status : Permanent
  • Minimum Year of Experience : 15 Year(s)

Job Responsibilities

  • Managing stevedoring and trasnhipment operations at Taboneo and Port of Kelanis to be effective and efficient.
  • Coordinate with external parties related to stevedoring activities.
  • To ensure the implementation of Quality Management & HSE System within operational department.
  • Manage and minimize defect and ensure stevedoring and transshipment operation in timely manner.
  • Coordinate with other bussiness unit related to stevedoring activities.
  • Developing skill and competency of employee within operational department.

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               Job Requirements

  • Have bachelor degree in Nautical and Min. ANT 2 certificate holder.
  • Have min 10 years experience in shipping and min 3 years experience in Stevedoring with the last position as Operation Department Head or in Managerial level.
  • Have strong skill in Management System, Shipping, Stevedoring Operation, Quality Management System.
  • Certification required: Marine Specific Competency, ISM Code, ISO 9001.
  • Good leadership and communication skill.
  • Willing to be placed in Floating Office Taboneo, South Kalimantan.


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